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Help us protect important historic sites across Europe.

The Commission helps restore, preserve, and memorialize cultural heritage properties, including cemeteries, monuments, and historic buildings. Most projects are funded by donations from Americans. Much of this money is generated by Commission Members. Some projects receive assistance from the governments’ of the location of the property.

Projects are identified by U.S. citizens, federal officials, foreign governments, and non-profit organizations as well as by Commission Members.

Commission assistance is generally provided through interventions with governments and sometimes provided through Commission sponsorship. In some cases, the Commission transfers funds, oversees fieldwork, and provides technical assistance on behalf of the project sponsors in the U.S.

USCPAHA Projects
The Buchenwald Little Camp Memorial erected due to the efforts of the Commission.

Representative List Of
Current Commission Projects

Representative List Of
Past Commission Projects


  • Armenia Genocide Memorial


  • Feng Shan Ho Memorial

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Sarajevo Jewish Cemetery Burial House Restoration


  • Poptodorova Lecturer Series
  • Plovdiv Synagogue Restoration
  • Dimitrov Program
  • Bohlen Scholarship

Czech Republic

  • Trsice Holocaust Memorial
  • Terezin Institute
  • Terezin’s Hidden Synagogue
  • Rabbi Regina Jonas Memorial
  • Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Initiative


  • Estonia Holocaust Markers


  • Mittelbau-Dora Holocaust Memorial
  • Buchenwald Little Camp Memorial


  • Pope John XXIII Memorial
  • Gyongyos Holocaust Memorial
  • Gulacs Jewish Cemetery


  • Second Temple Model


  • Philip Mazzei Memorial


  • Restored Latvia Holocaust Memorial Dedicated
  • Rumbula Holocaust Memorial
  • Daugavpils Synagogue Restored


  • Yurburg Jewish Cemetery
  • Uzupis Jewish Cemetery Preservation


  • Bitola Jewish Cemetery Preservation


  • Holocaust Memorial In Wolska Dabrow, Poland Dedicated
  • Kaluszyn, Poland Jewish Cemetery
  • Serock Jewish Cemetery Holocaust Memorial
  • Wyszkow Jewish Cemetery Preservation
  • Ozarow Jewish Cemetery Preservation
  • Mass Grave Sites
  • Kielce Pogrom Memorial
  • Karczew Jewish Cemetery Preservation
  • Auschwitz Judeo-Spanish Plaque
  • History of the Auschwitz Killing Center
  • Bialobrzegi Jewish Cemetery Preservation


  • Bucharest Pogrom of 1941 Memorial Dedicated
  • Gherla, Romania Holocaust Memorial and Synagogue
  • Giurgiului Jewish Cemetery Restoration


  • Bryansk Holocaust Memorial


  • Trencin Castle
  • Potoky Wooden Church
  • Greek-Catholic Wooden Churches
  • Bardejov Holocaust Memorial
  • Banska Stiavnica Jewish Cemetery


  • Berehovo (Beregszasz) Synagogue and Holocaust Memorial
  • Vinnitsa Jewish Cemetery
  • Jewish Cemetery in Roshkoshne, Ukraine Preserved
  • Fastiv Holocaust Memorial
  • Dymer Holocaust Memorial
  • Brody Jewish Cemetery
  • Brailov Holocaust Monument
  • Berdichev Jewish Cemetery
  • Batovo Jewish Cemetery Preservation
  • Baryshivka Holocaust Memorial

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