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Documentary: The Secrets of Baroque Vilnius

Location: Lithuania, Germany and Poland


Johann Christoph Glaubitz’s (1700-1767) life and works have been of significant importance in the history of Lutheran, Jewish, Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox communities of Vilnius and the state of Lithuania for centuries.

J. C. Glaubitz is considered one of the most prominent artists of architecture, the father of the unique Vilnius Baroque. His life and work represent historical relations and ties connecting different religious, ethnic and cultural communities lasting for centuries. Being a respected member of the German-speaking Lutheran community, he collaborated and co-created with a wide range of religious and ethnic groups in Vilnius and throughout the historical lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, from Lithuania to Belarus. His works – Vilnius Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Great Synagogue of Vilna, Catholic churches of Saint Catherine and Saint Johns, Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity, Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit and other historical monuments – form the uniqueness of the old baroque Vilnius, part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

A creative team from the local Lutheran community is working on a documentary film dedicated to the personality and works of architect J.C. Glaubitz, titled “The Secrets of Baroque Vilnius.“ The documentary aims to shed light on a mysterious biography of the architect, his unique talent in perceiving uniqueness of various religious, ethnic groups and reflecting it in architecture, defined as the Glaubitz phenomenon. The documentary has been partially funded by the governments of Lithuania and Germany. The Commission’s contribution will be used to support the film’s production as it nears completion.

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