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William F. Shaheen

Bill Shaheen grew up in Dover, New Hampshire, where working hard and helping your neighbor were standard. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire and went on to enlist in the Army, gaining the rank of Captain. He then went on to law school where he graduated 2nd in his law school class. In 1977, President Jimmy Carter tapped him to be the youngest U.S. Attorney in the country for the State of New Hampshire. In 1981, he became a District Court Judge appointed by then-Governor Hugh Gallen. He also founded the law firm of Shaheen, Cappiello, Stein, and Gordon, now Shaheen & Gordon.

In addition, Shaheen is CEO and Financial Officer of several small businesses in the Seacoast area. He is well known in the political arena as an activist and for championing candidates and causes that benefit the “little person.”

Shaheen also happens to be the proud husband of Senator Jeanne Shaheen, proud father of three successful and beloved daughters, Stefany, Stacey and Molly, grandfather to his cherished grandchildren, and father-in-law to his doting sons-in-law.

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