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USCPAHA Team Member Harley Lippman

Harley Lippman

Harley Lippman is the Founder and CEO of Genesis10. Since its inception in 1999, Lippman has grown the company into one of the largest IT consulting firms in the United States and is consistently named among the top 50 “Best CEOs” by USA Today.

A dedicated philanthropist, Lippman has been the sole financial supporter of a Cambodian orphanage for more than 17 years and has funded efforts to explore an overlooked aspect of the Holocaust since 2009. Specifically, he works to find mass graves where Jews were murdered and buried and hosts memorials to honor and preserve their memory throughout the year. Lippman executive-produced Safeguarding Memory, an award-winning documentary on mass graves in Poland, which appeared on PBS. Additionally, Lippman is a regular commentator on national and international television on issues related to the Middle East, workforce development, U.S. politics, and the economy.

Lippman received a MA in International Affairs at Columbia University, studied abroad in Poland on a Fulbright Fellowship, and received a scholarship to study at the Ukrainian Institute at Harvard University.

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