Baryshivka Photo Gallery

The Soviet-era memorial (in Russian) is on top, and refers only to Ukrainians killed by the Germans. At the bottom is a plaque added about five years ago with verses from Psalms, in Ukrainian. The new plaque is in the middle (see next photo).


The new plaque reads as follows in Ukrainian,    Hebrew and English: "This is the burial site of the Jews of Baryshivka    murdered by the Nazi forces during the Holocaust    on November 21, 1941." Below that in English: 

Benefactor  United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad Jonathan J. Rikoon, Member Project Coordinators Lo Tishkach Foundation and Vaad of Ukraine  2011


Mr. Rikoon speaking.


Overview of site.


Town Council representative describes the German advances in Baryshivka against the Red Army in the Fall of 1941.


Comments by head of adjacent factory upon      receiving award plaque for preserving the site.